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Much of Ann Marie Anderson’s inspiration springs from impressions gathered during extensive travel and exposure to diverse cultures. Her experiences while pursuing postgraduate arts studies in Thailand com-bined with research visits to Japan have had great impact upon her artistic development. The embodiment of remnants … shards of sounds, shapes, color and light from these and later experiences are imprinted in the artist’s vision, and after a thorough “soaking in” have emerged as a collection of abstract and interpretive expressionistic paintings.

Other influences that infused her senses include the techniques and philosophies of a select group of prominent artists: Toko Shinoda, renowned printmaker, painter and living treasure of Japan, with her ability to maximize an abstract statement with stunning economy; Helen Frankenthaler’s remarkable staining techniques and studied cropping of her compositions; Robert Motherwell’s work with its marvelous spontaneously graphic qualities; Jim Dine’s deft incorporation of sym-bolic shapes; and Jackson Pollock’s robust yet infinitely detailed layering.

For Ann Marie, these diverse influences blend into a counterpoint of disciplines –– highly controlled, delicate staining techniques juxtaposed with the bold layering of strong texture and sweeping stroke. Vibrant, undulant shapes often serve as foils for graphic symbolism or literal representation.

Ann Marie Anderson’s studio/home overlooks the Pacific in Southern California. She’s a graduate of Marylhurst College where she majored in painting and was, at that institution’s 100th Anniversary Celebration, the first-ever recipient of its prestigious Distinguished Alumni Award for excellence in her field.

The work of Ann Marie Anderson has been widely exhibited in galleries, art festivals, museums and is included in private collections worldwide. It was utilized as the theme art for New York Art Expo and has been published and distributed internationally by Verkerke of the Netherlands.

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